asl_signs_basicKnowing ASL is beneficial to all! I can be fine and happy being “oral”, though that fact remains that I am socially isolated, simply because I am HoH. I accept that it would be unnatural for people to increase their volume, articulate and look at me, especially if I am not the person they are speaking to directly. Often when trying to contribute in a group setting, I get strange looks because I am off subject since I am only getting parts of what is being said. Also for not responding, perhaps walking away. I am not a snob, I am HoH. Without face and lips and being spoken to directly, I will not know I am being spoken to. The tree that falls in the forest without someone to hear it, does make a sound. Words that fall on deaf ears can not express anything when not heard. Signing is a great way to let others know that visual is needed to communicate. Because we speak does not mean we can hear well.