Anti-Bucket List!?

Or ‘Kick the Bucket’. Balance is something that I can not quite grasp! I imagine a ‘Kick the Bucket List’ would balance out ‘The Bucket List’. I do not think I have ever really considered writing a “Bucket List”. If I were given an ‘expiration date’, my desire would be to spend just about every waking moment proclaiming and teaching, all those desiring and seeking the truth about God, our Creator, heavenly Father, His Purpose/Will, the ‘New World’/Kingdom which Jesus taught and proclaimed, the need for taking in knowledge of Jehovah, God and the ransom sacrifice of His one and only Belved Son, Jesus Christ, thus leading to a future and hope that He has accomplished!!!. (Jer.29:11;Ecc.3:15)

In the meantime, I will continually pray for His wisdom and understanding of all things, and in particular…Balance! Now to get some housework done! BTW the daily text is very good, as it always is! 🙂

And then…

Craftside Giveaway! My comment: This would be SO AWESOME! My boys have grown and recently flown from the nest. Enter another transition in life: Empty Nesting, time of rearranging and updating the ‘Nest’! While raising a family, having many & varied eclectic interests, helped broaden experiences and knowledge, it’s amazing what accumulates. Long story short; clearing out and simplifying made easy, The Stash stays and everything else goes. Exploring fibers while organizing via burn testing and hopefully microscope if I can find software compatible. Swatching is made fun by turning them into little pouches, and the many undyed yarns lend to my curiousity for intentional “staining” with wine, blueberry juice, tea, coffee, etc… With this I can complete this next step! Thanks for offering this give away. A pleasure for whoever wins!

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Standards! Set By Who?

A disability newsletter made mention of a study for the best places to live for those with disabilities, since services, accommodations and understanding/acceptance varies in communities, towns, cities, and from state to state in the United States. Many comments spoke of how skewed and inaccurate the results were, nervousness to move fearing to be worse off, and ultimately that we should not need a list of best places for disable to live because everywhere throughout the United Staes should see every individual as a valuable person. My comment is awaiting Moderator approval.
Posted: Looking for bilingual neighborhood, town, city, state, country, continent, Earth! Bilingual meaning spoken & sign language of that country. Lack of social community excludes people, leaving them isolated and alone. Dying from being unwanted, unneeded, and unloved. ‘A Case About Amy” by R.C. Smith, shines light on the oppressed people, Deaf/HH & Disabled(“Challenged”) Citizens! How can ‘community’ be used to group peoples that are dispursed throuhout Mainstream Normal Hearing Communities/Societies!?
Still waiting for approval to be posted in the comments.

Despicable Me Minion iPhone Cozy – Knitting Pattern

(Font size increased to 60) :p Love it!

The Knit Guru

I admit, this is a little nuts. But, it got my mind working, and is a great size for getting over the RSI from the Doctor Who Scarf…. Here it is… A minion iPhone cozy. It will fit similar sized phones, or the itouch. For the iPhone 5 you will need to knit the yellow section longer though.

All my “Despicable Me” patterns are available here for free

You will need:
– size 4mm needles
– yellow and blue dk wool
– goggle eye
– crotchet hook for the chains

Minion iPhone cozy

Cast on 26 in blue on 4mm needles
Stst 10 rows

Change to yellow
Stst 24 rows
Knit whole row
Knit 13, purl 13
Knit whole row
Knit 13, purl 13
Knit whole row
Knit 13, purl 13
Knit whole row
Cast off 13, purl to end
Stst 8 rows
K2tog, knit to last…

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