Anti-Bucket List!?

Or ‘Kick the Bucket’. Balance is something that I can not quite grasp! I imagine a ‘Kick the Bucket List’ would balance out ‘The Bucket List’. I do not think I have ever really considered writing a “Bucket List”. If I were given an ‘expiration date’, my desire would be to spend just about every waking moment proclaiming and teaching, all those desiring and seeking the truth about God, our Creator, heavenly Father, His Purpose/Will, the ‘New World’/Kingdom which Jesus taught and proclaimed, the need for taking in knowledge of Jehovah, God and the ransom sacrifice of His one and only Belved Son, Jesus Christ, thus leading to a future and hope that He has accomplished!!!. (Jer.29:11;Ecc.3:15)

In the meantime, I will continually pray for His wisdom and understanding of all things, and in particular…Balance! Now to get some housework done! BTW the daily text is very good, as it always is! 🙂

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